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Is It Time to Fix Your Driveway?

Is It Time to Fix Your Driveway?
Is your driveway showing signs of disarray? Here’s how you’ll know!

When surveying one’s residential landscape, one is likely to consider the lawn, the plants, the walkways, and the patio or deck. Another aspect of landscaping to not forget is the driveway. This stretch of asphalt or concrete requires your attention, too, as you well know. How can you tell for sure if it is time to fix your driveway? Below are some telltale signs it’s time.


One of the most common problems with driveways is cracks. Often, it is the first type of wear and tear you will see in either asphalt or concrete. Why are cracks an issue? These lines allow water to seep into the sublayers of the driveway, and over the winter season, the water can turn to ice and back to water again, causing the cracks to widen. It is best to seal the cracks so water does not get in.


When cracks are left to themselves, they turn into potholes. Wide cracks or potholes can be a danger to both your family and your vehicles. Driving over these can put extra wear and tear on your car that it doesn’t need; meanwhile, it can be a tripping hazard for you.


If your asphalt or concrete is wavy, it means that moisture or heavy traffic has caused parts of the pavement to break down over time. What makes this issue even worse is that it can cause drainage problems. You might have noticed puddles of water gathering on your driveway. This is a sure sign it’s time to fix your driveway.


Asphalt, and concrete to some extent, can break down over time. The binder that holds asphalt’s gravel together can disintegrate and leave you with crumbled pavement on the surface and at the edges. This certainly calls for repairs.

Old Age

How old is your driveway? It might be time to fix your driveway if you know it is at least 25 years old. At this point, it is likely time for some TLC. Aside from age, you might simply think your driveway looks ugly with all its cracks, pits, and crumbs. Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help!

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