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How to Keep Your Plants from Freezing

How to Keep Your Plants from Freezing

Worried about plants dying from the cold? Here are some ways to prevent that.

As cold weather comes around in Maryland, it may seem like all landscape work is done for the season. However, as the first freezing temperatures hit, some of your plants may need your protection. The first freeze and frost of the season can damage them beyond revival. Keep your plants from freezing this winter through the following means.

What Plants Need Protection?

The first question to figure out is what plants need protection. Plants have different hardiness levels, which judge how well a species can tolerate the cold. The lower the rating, the more it can tolerate. Tropical plants will not be able to survive the typical winter climate; annuals may die, but propagate their seeds for the next warm season. Other plants, such as perennials, shrubs, and trees, can keep their roots and go into a dormant state until the spring. 

Difference Between a Freeze and a Frost

Although cold temperatures generally mean bad news for the flourishing of your greenery, there are various categories when it comes to their effect. When the weather drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water inside a plant’s cells can also freeze and burst. Meanwhile, the weather does not have to be below freezing for a frost to occur, because temperatures may vary at the ground level versus several feet above it. Hoar frost, rime, and black frost are its three types. In this phenomenon, condensation collects like dew in warmer months but also freezes.

How to Protect Your Plants

To protect plants from freezing, you can either cover the plants or take them indoors. A blanket, a tarp, an inverted flower pot or bucket, or mulch can suffice to safeguard your plants as they need. If you cover the plants with a tarp, blanket, or other sheet, it is best to use a frame to keep it from touching the shrub or other species. Avoid using plastic covers. Uncover the plants again in the morning when the temperature rises above freezing again, since condensation underneath might refreeze if not removed. In addition, watering plants at their base can help strengthen roots as they enter the winter season.  

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