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Keep Your Deck Free of Leaf Stains

Keep Your Deck Free of Leaf Stains

Keep a stain-free deck this fall with this piece of advice.

Leaf stains from your deciduous, coniferous, or evergreen backyard trees can be painful. Your wood deck becomes dirty before you know it, and you wonder how you can ever remove those stains. Thankfully, you can not only remove the stains, but you can also keep your deck free of leaf stains for good. Follow these three simple tips, and your deck can stay fresh and beautiful throughout the fall.

Sweep the Deck

The simplest way to keep your deck free of leaf stains is to sweep your deck at least once a week. You can also use a leaf blower to make the job faster. The best way to avoid leaf stains is to keep leaves off your deck; sweeping is generally the simplest way to do it. 

You will especially want to clear your deck of fall foliage if it is about to rain. The tannin in the leaves, needles, etc., will leach into your wood deck, especially after they become wet. However, you don’t need to fret if you miss the sweep before the rain. If you act quickly, you can still keep your deck free from those black imprints and streaks.

Seal the Deck

You can have extra peace of mind knowing that your wood deck has stain protection from the start. Sealing your deck once every few years is the best way to protect it from moisture and the acidic tannin of leaves. Wood deck stains often include a sealant, and a solid stain will also protect the wood from ultraviolet light. Once you seal the deck, you can expect any leaf tannins to be far easier to remove than otherwise.

Shelter the Deck

The last way to keep your deck free of leaf stains is a double win. Do you need some shade on your deck during the summer? Add a canopy, a large outdoor umbrella, or a retractable awning for a more permanent solution. Not only will you have shade in the summer, but you will shelter your deck from falling leaves. 

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