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Landscape Drainage Systems

Landscape Drainage Systems
See puddles in your yard? A drainage system may be the solution.

When we consider the yard around our homes, we generally think of the grass, the flowers, the trees, and other features it might have. There’s more to a yard than all those things, though. The ground from which they grow has a design as well, and this design plays a vital role in the wellbeing of the entire property. In this post, we will discuss what landscape drainage systems are, plus different types of these systems and common drainage problems.

What Are Landscape Drainage Systems?

One may wonder what landscape drainage systems actually are. A drainage system helps resolve the issues of water run-off in a landscape. Every property needs to have proper grading (that is, the sloping or leveling of the land) so that excess rainwater trails away from the house rather than toward it. The ground should also be able to adequately absorb the water. Depending on the type of soil one has, drainage can be a problem. That’s where landscape drainage systems enter the scene.

Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

There are different types of drainage systems, some made of natural materials and others out of manufactured ones. Natural formats include grass swales and rain gardens. A swale is a gentle slope in the land directing water onto the street or sidewalk. A rain garden is a plot of arranged plant species within a dip in the ground. Meanwhile, other types include French drains and PVC piping, which aid the soil in water absorption.

Common Landscape Drainage Problems

Common problems that would require these drainage solutions include several different phenomena. If your yard has clay soil, water may sit at the surface and not seep into it. This issue is called surface water. Meanwhile, if a hard layer of soil sits beneath the looser topsoil in your yard, it is called hard pan. It will need a drainage system to puncture it so the water can flow downward. There may also be a high water table, the point where groundwater meets less-saturated upper soil. This too can cause flooding. With the right landscape drainage system, any flooding worries one has will be no more.

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