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Ideas for Landscape Windbreaks

Ideas for Landscape Windbreaks
Need to filter out some wind on your property? Check out these four ideas.

March is often a windy month, perfect for flying kites. Throughout the year, however, wind can be constant. If you don’t like wind blowing your hair over your face or sweeping your napkins far from the outdoor dining table, you probably would like some ways to block the wind in your backyard. The options are limited but classic, with the possibility for many creative variations. Check out these four ideas for landscape windbreaks to see which might work for your home! 

Privacy Barriers

Privacy screens or barriers are one of the most common types of landscape windbreaks. It could be as simple as a privacy fence, which will naturally stop significant wind force and block some exterior noise. A privacy barrier could also be a privacy screen on your patio or deck. This structure could be permanent or freestanding and can be in a wide variety of materials and designs. Wood latticework would be a common example.

Ornate Barriers

Some privacy barriers are fancier and more customized than others. If you have gorgeous views you want to protect, adding a glass or plexiglass fence could be ideal. If you have a privacy screen, inserting windows within it adds some variation and openness. Some screens may have wood or metal frames with translucent panels. The options for man-made windbreakers are plenty.

Shrubs and Hedges

As for natural landscape windbreaks, shrubs and hedges are among the most popular. A boxwood hedge can grow well over ten feet wide and tall, providing plenty of coverage. Even so, broadleaf shrubs will only filter out some of the wind, while needle-leaved evergreens will filter out much more. Factor in how much ventilation you would prefer in hot and humid summer months to make your decision between the two. 

It is worth noting that the number of species planted matters, too. If you only plant one species of shrubs, disease has a better chance of wiping out the entire windbreaker. If you have multiple species, however, there’s a higher chance you’ll still have some protection left. If you spot any problem with your shrubs’ health, Michael Bryan Landscapes can help diagnose the issue.

A Windrow of Trees

For the best property protection, one might install a windrow of trees. A windrow is a row of trees planted close together, a formation that farmers and landscapers have used over many years to provide protection for crops and homes. Some landscapes may have multiple rows for greater wind filtration. Of course, one must wait for the trees to mature.

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