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Why Landscaping Equals Envious Neighbors


Looking to make your neighbors jealous? Landscaping will make them green with envy.

Now that the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and it’s baseball season that means only one thing, it’s springtime. Without having inches if not feet of snow on your lawn both front and back it’s time to give your lawn that springtime facelift. With some of these landscaping suggestions, it will cause your neighbors to become green with envy about your yard while there’s still hasn’t recovered from the winter.  

New Additions  

Now that it’s springtime it’s time to add new things to your yard to give it a new look. One thing that can enhance a backyard is an outdoor deck and there are many reasons as to why getting one is a great addition to your home. Firstly, adding a deck sets up a zone in which entertainment can be held whether it be grilling, people playing cards or just sitting and telling stories from the past. Your deck will become the go-to place to be during the spring and summer time to host parties or to just relax in your yard. With the addition of a deck, it will add value to your home, if you should sell your house potential buyers who may have a large family will see it and will have no choice but to consider it when thinking about which home they would like to purchase.

Adding Color

Now that the dreary and sometimes depressing atmosphere during the winter is gone it’s time to add some color during spring. Why not plant some eye-grabbing flowers that will light up your home like Christmas lights. If you really want to grab the attention of your neighbors and people walking by, plant flowers that are bright like yellows, reds, and pinks. Depending on how you want to decorate your flower bed don’t plant any dark colors like black; you want your flowers to pop not to be just a part of the background. Another way to spruce up your landscape is to add a variety of plants like cacti or maybe even a small tree in your backyard. Also, add some furniture in either the front or backyard so you can sit down and observe your new surroundings and be happy with the handiwork you have done.  

Let Michael Bryan Landscapes Prepare Your Hardscape for 2019!

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