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Landscaping Tips for Spring

Landscaping Tips for Spring
Prepare your landscape for spring with these tips!

Spring is just around the corner; the crocuses are finally blooming here in Maryland, and the weather is getting warmer. When it begins to grow warmer and sunnier, and more birds begin to sing again, people naturally want to get outside. As you prepare your yard for spring once again, make sure to check these landscaping tips for spring off your to-do list.

Clean Up and Rake

First, one must clean up the debris left behind or swept across the yard during the winter. Remove fallen twigs, branches, and leaves from the yard. Take care of any dangling dead branches, as they could pose a hazard, besides looking unsightly. If you have any old foliage left behind from last year’s perennials, one can pull those away from the plant as well.

Prune and Pull

Early spring is the perfect time to prune your plants. Right before this new season, most plants are still dormant. If you cut when they “awaken,” they will be filled with growth hormones that could spur more aggressive growth if you prune their branches. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get the pruning scissors and give your plants, shrubs, and hedges a hard prune to keep them in shape. Now is also a great time to remove invasive plants and early weeds.

Mulch the Garden Beds

After you have cleared all the debris and excess away, put down a layer of mulch on all your garden beds. With shrubs, it will be easier to lay out the mulch, but you might want to wait until your smaller perennials have risen so you won’t accidentally cover and smother them. One should replenish mulch every 2-3 years and keep it away from the base of trees to avoid rot.

Fertilize and Protect

As for the lawn, it helps to fertilize the grass to provide extra nourishment as it begins to grow once more. Along with fertilizer, one can add a pre-emergent herbicide, which will help to prevent weed seeds from germinating at all. With fertilizer and herbicide, you can have a healthier, greener lawn.

Consider Other Projects

Before the plants spread out their leaves, it is a good time to consider what other projects you might want to tackle. Edging your garden beds and repairing hardscapes like retaining walls, patios, and fences are best done while the weather is mild and the greenery minimal.

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