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Landscaping Trends for 2022

Landscaping Trends for 2022

2022 promises a blooming future of colors and creativity in the garden.

2020 and 2021 saw many homeowners sprucing up their homes like no other time in recent years. Seeing the problems and potential in their properties, many took on the challenges that were once for a distant “someday.” The landscape was not left out in the renovations; throughout the year and into the next, people in Maryland and across the country have come to see how their landscape could be much more than a piece of land. Below are landscaping trends for 2022.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Fresh air and sunshine are important for human health. Spending time outdoors clears the lungs, supplements vitamin D, and can boost heart health and immunity. Anyone with a backyard can make a suitable outdoor living space, adding amenities such as a swimming pool, a deck, patio, pergola, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and much more.

Native Plants

As for the gardening side of landscaping, native plants have risen in prominence in Maryland over the past few years. Expert gardeners have come to realize how healthy native species are for local wildlife and how easy they are to maintain. Natives are naturally strong and suited to the weather, so care is minimal. Plus, you can help provide much-needed food for monarchs and bees.

Edible Gardens

Landscaping trends for 2022 also include gardening. If you have the farmer’s green thumb, you might be led to the fruit trees and vegetable seed packets in the garden center naturally. Whether that is you or not, gardening for food is a trend that is cost-effective, family-friendly, and rewarding.

Sustainable Gardens

Sustainability continues to be an important consideration when designing a garden. It is a way to be practical and cut down on resources. Ways to implement a sustainable garden include using recycled materials for walkways, patios, etc., and to install economical features like rain barrels, irrigation systems, and composting heaps. 

Interesting Color Palettes

Color palettes and popular plant species change in the garden depending on the trend. Landscaping trends for 2022 include both contrasting colors and color palettes. For example, multi-colored flowers are popular, as well as mixing pastels with dark and rich-colored plants.

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