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How to Maintain Your Hardscape Proactively this Winter

How to Maintain Your Hardscape Proactively this Winter

Although Maryland snow may still be a few months away, it is important to remember to proactively care for your hardscape going into the upcoming winter months.

Your hardscape is a beautiful frame for your landscape design. Not only does it provide a functional purpose as a walkway or entertainment space, but it also enhances the overall look of your outdoor space. While it may seem completely durable and immune to the effects of harsh winter weather, your hardscape still requires some proactive care for the upcoming winter months. As you prepare the rest of your home for unpredictable Maryland weather, here is how you should be proactively maintaining your hardscape this winter.

Seal Significant Cracks

If you notice any cracks in your hardscape, now is a perfect time to seal them up so that they do not grow and worsen during the season. Cold weather, as well as moisture from rain and snow, can cause tiny cracks to grow into more significant problems for your hardscape. With this, seal cracks immediately as you notice them to ensure that they do not worsen over time into the winter.

Keep Chemicals Away

While a little freezing rain may tempt you to use salt or other harsh chemicals on your hardscape, it is best to keep chemicals away from these areas. As the winter weather worsens into December and January, it is crucial to keep harsh chemicals off of your beautiful hardscape. If left to sit on your hardscape for extended periods of time, these chemicals can damage the stone and create permanent damage to the look of your landscape.

Use Softer Shovels for Ice or Snow Removal

Although Maryland snow may still be a few months away, it is important to remember to keep harsh metal shovels away from your hardscape this winter. By not using metal shovels to remove snow and ice from your hardscape, you are preventing damage to your walkways and patios this winter. Instead, consider using a snowblower or a softer shovel to remove snow as it accumulates in these spaces easily.

Let Michael Bryan Landscapes Take Care of Your Hardscape

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