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Maintaining a Wooden Gazebo

Maintaining a Wooden Gazebo

A wooden gazebo has basic maintenance needs to keep it looking sharp.

A gazebo is a stylish backyard feature that beckons one to enjoy the outdoors. With a roof overhead and open windows all around, a homeowner can enjoy the lovely weather without having to worry about the rain or hot sun. However, if you have a wooden gazebo, you will need to practice some basic maintenance, as with all other outdoor features.

Roof Cleaning

Making sure your wooden gazebo is in shape year-round requires minimal effort. Clearing the roof of debris will keep it from getting weighed down over time and even rotting. Little could be worse than for the gazebo’s roof to fall on you and your family and friends’ heads. Cleaning the roof is as simple as getting on a ladder and brushing seeds, leaves, dirt, and so on off the sides. If mold or mildew is growing on the roof, spray it with a white vinegar and water solution. Let it sit, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush, and rinse. 

Interior Cleaning

The interior requires just as much cleaning as the roof might. Sweep away the leaves, dirt, pollen, and other debris that may have accumulated on the floor over time. The biggest concern about the inside of a gazebo is making sure no insects build a nest in the corners. You could spray the edges of the ceiling with an insecticide, and if one does appear, make sure the insects are gone before carefully removing the nest with a broom.

Sealing and Painting

Besides the general cleaning off of dirt from your wooden gazebo, you will also need to reseal it every two or so years to keep the wood from weathering too severely over time. If you like a more weathered look, you can alter your delay your sealing schedule to allow the wood to age some. A sealant will keep your wooden gazebo intact despite storms, wind, snow, and sun, and will also bring out the beauty of your wood’s color. You can also paint your gazebo before sealing it, but remember to repaint it every couple of years as well.


The last measure to keep your wooden gazebo healthy through the years is to ventilate the area around it. Snip back shrubs and tree branches to keep the space around it open.

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