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Maryland Annuals for Fall Planting

Maryland Annuals for Fall Planting

Fall is here, and that means bright blooms for Maryland!

Fall begins in late August in Maryland, and it has already begun! Maryland has a ton of plant species for the garden, such as grasses, flowers, shrubs, groundcover, and more. Among the flowers are perennials and annuals, and with annuals, you can have bright colors any time of year. While there are many Maryland annuals for fall planting, here are some of the most classic options.


Chrysanthemums, also called mums, are the quintessential fall flower in Maryland. These bunches of multi-petaled blooms easily fill a yard with fall colors such as white, light pink, burgundy, bright yellow, burnt orange, and purple. Planted directly in the ground or in a pot in a sunny spot, these plants can come back year after year.


Pansies are the flowers with the beast-like faces. Everyone loves them, and their many colors give one many options for color schemes in the garden. They are excellent both residentially and commercially and can come back stronger in spring when planted in fall.


Pansies actually derive from violas, so all pansies are actually violas. However, violas are smaller and lie lower to the earth. They are technically perennials that can withstand winter frost, but often die out in summer heat. They also have more blooms than pansies do. Their most common colors are violet, blue, yellow, and white.


If you need to fill a border that’s on a shady side, impatiens are your friend. Impatiens, full of delightful, bright flowers, can grow massive while still keeping relatively low to the ground. They are great for masses, borders, and beds with other species. 


If you live in Maryland, there’s a chance you’ll need a plant that’s deer-proof. Lantana is hardy against deer, heat, drought, and the lack of a gardener’s green thumb, but it loves the sun. Lantana has multiple flowers like mums, but the blooms are multi-colored and have multiple mini-blooms in each head. 

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