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How A New Drainage System Can Help Your Lawn This Spring

Puddles on the lawn

Are you tired of your yard getting flooded every time it rains? Well, get yourself a new drainage system so your yard never gets ruined.

With it becoming spring also comes spring showers. The potential for heavy rainfall increases the possibility of your current drainage system not being able to handle it if you’ve had it for a long time. Not having state of the art drainage system increases your chances of huge puddles forming in your yard and ruining your landscape. In extreme cases, the water could end up in your basement if this happens your system might be backed up. So this spring get yourself a suitable drainage system installed by one of our professionals.  

Water Control

Having a new drainage system allows you to control what happens to the excess water from the rain. When it rains there are only a few ways that rainwater can disperse either it soaks into the ground, sits and forms giant puddles in your yard or runoff; either through your gutters or it can form a stream through your landscape. In the worst case, the runoff could make its way into your basement or crawl space under your house. With a new drainage system, it will not only make sure your landscape is intact, but it can also save your home from any water damage and the possibility of mold growing in your basement.  

Save the Plants

Although rain can help both grass and flowers grow, too much isn’t good for them. Overwatering any plant can kill your plants causing them to wilt, brown and yellow leaves and the roots can rot. Those vast puddles of water in your yard kills your grass by not allowing air to get into the grass and replaced by water. This causes the soil to become compact and kills your grass’ roots. With a new drainage will give the water an avenue to travel and your plants will be able to stay healthy and not be saturated by water.


The best thing about having a new professionally installed drainage system is that you don’t have to worry about your yard or possibly your house is damaged because of stagnant rainwater. You are now aware that your yard or home won’t have to worry about the risk of having a stream running through your yard or that your flowers won’t be able to grow properly.

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