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New Year Goals for Your Landscape

New Year Goals for Your Landscape
Make your landscape new this new year with one or more of these ideas!

If there is one silver lining to staying at home most of this year, it is that it has given us time to really enjoy our homes and think about how to improve them. It’s likely that 2021 is going to see some lengthy to-do lists, and for many people, improving the landscape around the home is near the top. The property around your home is an extension of the inside, but a beautiful outdoor living space requires work. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that you should add to your list to improve your chances of reaching those New Year goals that have been brewing for your landscape.

Do Right By Your Grass

You should make three major resolutions this year if a beautiful, healthy lawn is one of your New Year goals. First, resolve to cut the grass correctly, which starts with researching the type of grass you have. Different grass types need to be cut to different heights. Second, resolve to change up your mowing pattern. Don’t always mow in the same direction every time. Finally, leave the grass clippings – they act as natural mulch and return nutrients to the soil as they breakdown. 

Add Interest 

Whether you enjoy your yard from a patio, screened-in porch, or backyard pergola, it will be better if you have some beautiful and interesting things to look at. Make a resolution to attract more wildlife to your garden. Pollinators are both important and beautiful, especially birds and butterflies. An alternative resolution for those who don’t love bugs is to resolve to plant colorful plants. These could be in any part of your yard, such as in planters, window boxes, garden beds, or around trees.

Light Things Up

Outdoor lighting will transform your entire yard. It makes it more useful, since you can still be out there after the sun goes down, but it also gives the space ambiance and personality. Make a resolution to research how you can add lights to your landscape, either wired electric or solar.

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