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Why Now is the Time to Design Your Landscape for Spring

Why Now is the Time to Design Your Landscape for Spring

Working on your landscape design now gives you more time to prepare for spring.

Beautifying your home by reworking your landscape design is the perfect way to enhance your curb appeal and feel better about your property. Spring is known as the time of year when everything comes back into bloom, but there are many benefits to starting your design earlier than that. Here’s why you should design your landscape now.  

More Time

Working on your landscape design now gives you more time to prepare for spring. You can gather your ideas and create a plan of action before you start digging. Plus, while the ground is mostly bare and clear you can get a better view of where you want all your plants and other yard décor to go.

Less Disturbance

If the plan for your landscape design is larger scale, starting at the end of winter or early spring will mean less disturbance for your home and lifestyle. Since the holidays are over, you’ll likely be back into the groove of your regular schedule. It’s also likely that spring sports and rehearsals haven’t started yet. So, you’ll have more time to monitor the project and get it done quicker.

Permits and Approvals

It takes time to get the appropriate permits and licenses to complete exterior projects. Whether they’re coming from your local municipality or your homeowner association, you’ll need the necessary approvals to avoid fees and fines. Starting earlier allows for more time before spring to get all the paperwork signed and returned so you can get to work.

Better Availability

Starting earlier means you’ll have better access to plants and flowers from nurseries. Waiting until spring is already in full swing might put you at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting your preferred plants.     

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