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Outdoor Lighting for the Front Yard

Outdoor Lighting for the Front Yard
Keep your front yard inviting and bright at night with outdoor lighting features!

Whether the evenings are short or long, it should never be a struggle for you or your guests to find the front door. In the summer, people are more active for longer hours, and in the winter, everyone wants to get inside as soon as possible. Outdoor lighting for the front yard aids both of these things and can make your home that much more delightful. Below are several types of outdoor lighting for the front yard that you might use.

Path Lighting

Path lighting typically consists of small lanterns that stick into the ground and light the edge of a walkway. These fixtures can be either wired to the property’s electrical system or solar-powered. If it is difficult to navigate the walkway to your front door at night, path lights could be your best solution.


Similarly, sconces could be more fitting if your pathway goes along a wall of your house or garage. Sconces can come in many shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles. You might want to purchase a kind with an open bottom and a semi-flush mount for maximum light exposure.


There is something romantic about a lamppost, harkening to fairy tales or Old World charm. A lamp post helps to illuminate an extensive walkway and usually stands some distance from the front door. The corner of a walkway by the garage or a midpoint along a long path are ideal placements.


If your pathway is relatively short, a lantern by the front door may be all that’s necessary. Like sconces, lanterns come in a plethora of styles and finishes. You can choose a lantern that matches the style and coloration of your house, from rustic to modern. Keep in mind that your lighting will differ depending on if it has translucent or clear glass. 

Security Lighting

If practicality is more your speed, security lighting is also available. These fixtures save power, only turning on when it senses someone or something passing by. While we are used to the bulky, utilitarian security lights at front doors and driveways, subtler ones have also come on the market.


A house can look unfriendly when it stands alone in the dark, and feel less safe. Uplighting along your home’s facade brings life to a neighborhood and your home, making your home into a feature in itself.

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