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Planning an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

Planning an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner
Host Thanksgiving outdoors this year in your beautiful landscape.

In these current times, taking care when gathering with friends and family is mandatory. Even so, one can still enjoy a hearty, festive Thanksgiving this year and every year with some special planning. If you are planning an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner, make the most of your al fresco feast by following these steps.

Ready the Deck

If you have a backyard deck, be sure to inspect the structure thoroughly to ensure its stability. If you have an attached deck, check the ledger board to see that it is sound. Also inspect the foundation, its posts, beams, and railing for rotting, softness, and loose or missing nails. Once your deck has passed the test, clean it thoroughly and seal it if necessary.

Ready the Patio

On the other hand, you might have a beautiful patio you wish to show off. Paver patios also require maintenance, and care may differ depending on the material, whether it is brick, stone, or concrete. In general, a power washer can mightily assist in cleaning off spring and summer grime. Pavers often benefit from sealant as well.


Next, it’s time to prepare your outdoor furnishings. If you have a pergola, pagoda, or gazebo you’d like to sit under whilst you dine, now is the time to clean them up and make any necessary repairs. Plan your seating arrangement and create a kids’ table if need be.

Serving Dinner

One can serve the meal either inside or outside. If the kitchen is close to the dining area, you may want to keep the dishes indoors so they can remain warm better. As for tableware, use durable dishware and cutlery that will not fly away if there’s a breeze. Also, remember that the sun sets around 5 p.m., so make sure there will be enough light to enjoy the meal and company.

Fire Pit

If you are planning on an outdoor Thanksgiving celebration in a more casual way, having a fire pit can make all the difference when gathering outdoors day and evening. Neighbors can congregate on the driveway, lawn, or in the backyard.


Lastly, you can make the gathering even more festive with decorations. Keep out your fall pumpkins, gourds, and wreaths and set the mood.

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