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Planting Trees Near the House

Planting Trees Near the House
When planting a tree on your property, one should know several things.

Trees can add incredible value to a home in both aesthetic and practical ways. The many species of trees are wonderful to behold and remove the feeling of barrenness that a yard without a tree might have. When planting trees near a house, however, one can have many questions. Below is the why, what, and where of planting trees near the house.

Benefits of Having Trees Near the House

One should know the sun’s rise and fall through all seasons to determine what side of a house to plant various types of trees. One reason that a shade tree can be so beneficial for residential property is that it actually saves on the home’s energy costs. Shade trees can block the summer sun from beating on the roof, reducing the amount of energy it takes for the HVAC to cool the house. Trees, especially evergreens, can make excellent windbreakers as well on the west, north, and east sides of a house. Additionally, a well-placed tree can also increase one’s property value.

Considerations for Planting Trees

When deciding on the best type of tree to plant near your house, consider size, species, and root system. Your landmark tree should be proportionate to your house, not too puny for the property, and not too oversized. Larger trees work well for two-story homes, while shorter ones look good with one-story houses. 

Depending on the style of your house, you may want to choose one tree species over another. Among the options that suit your house best, you will want to consider their root systems. Some species are notorious for aggressive roots that damage underground plumbing if planted too close to the house. Some smaller trees, however, do no harm planted close by, having shallower systems. 

How Close to Plant Trees Near the House

Perhaps the biggest question, given the tree’s size and roots, is how close to plant trees near the house. The taller the tree is at maturity, the farther away it should be. Trees at over 70 feet go at least 20 feet away; ones 70 feet or less can be 15 feet away from the house. Small types, growing no more than 30 feet tall, can be placed 8-10 feet from the home. For an expert’s opinion, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes today! 

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