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Popular Front Walkway Materials

Popular Front Walkway Materials

Your walkway material can make your home beautiful! Check out these great options.

Your front walkway can be a beautiful entrance to your front door and your grand entrance into the world. It can complement your home’s architecture to create a beautiful landscape scene. The question is, which material should you choose? Here, you can review several choice front walkway materials and see which you might like best. Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help you in Maryland!

Four Popular Front Walkway Materials


Concrete is one of the most popular front walkway materials and comes in multiple forms. Concrete can take on different colors, patterns, and textures. The main two types of concrete walkways are poured concrete and pavers. With poured concrete, you can imprint whatever pattern you choose, including custom items like a house number or a decorative border. Pavers are durable, and the pattern and color options are many.


Brick walkways are historic to Maryland and last for many decades, if not centuries. You can also find them in different colors and arrange them in one of many patterns. Herringbone, basketweave, Flemish bond, and running bond are just a few examples. 


When you picture flagstone, you might imagine an arrangement of irregularly-shaped natural stones of differing colors. This image is just one popular version of flagstone pavement. It can also come in geometric, smooth cuts or as stepping stones. Flagstone is an overarching term for natural stones like limestone, granite, marble, and other sedimentary or metamorphic rocks.


Gravel is the most inexpensive walkway material. All you need is a base to prevent weeds from growing, edging material, and gravel. Brick or concrete pavers are excellent options, as well as natural rocks. 

How to Choose a Front Walkway Material

You can research the materials that look best to you by reviewing their maintenance needs, costs, and lifespans. You can also visit a landscaping center with samples that you can see and touch. Michael Bryan Landscapes is happy to help you create a beautiful front walkway!

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

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