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Popular Maryland Vine Plants

Popular Maryland Vine Plants

Looking to plant vines in your garden? Take a look at these four popular Maryland vines!

Vines and related plant species are underused in the garden but make excellent foliage for softening landscapes, covering unsightly hardscapes, and adding color to otherwise barren structures. Maryland has a number of native species that work excellently in a native or varied garden. If you are looking to add a vine or two to your Maryland landscape, check out these popular Maryland vine plants below.

Trumpet Creeper

The trumpet creeper is a Maryland native with tropical-colored, bright flowers. These tubular flowers are popular with Ruby-throated hummingbirds. The trumpet creeper grows all throughout Maryland and can climb up trees and manmade structures alike. They bloom most vigorously in June.

Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper is another native vine with rich green leaves that turn bright red in the autumn. Its berries turn from blue to black. These berries are very popular with wildlife but are toxic to human beings. Virginia creeper climbs using alternate tendrils with disks that hold onto its host surface; therefore, it does not strangle its host. This Maryland vine is most commonly seen in the western two-thirds of the state.

American Wisteria

Japanese and Chinese wisteria are both seen in American gardens, but some see them as invasive. A just as attractive alternative to the eastern wisteria species is the American wisteria, a plant that looks very similar but tends to grow clockwise around trees. It is not as fragrant as other wisteria, but still blooms in May with clusters of purple flowers. One can see it more often in the southern half of Maryland.


Clematis is a genus within the Ranunculaceae family, also known as the buttercup family. There are over 300 variations, and a few can be seen in the wild throughout Maryland. However, the most common type you will see in Maryland gardens is the vine with star-like flowers often blue or purple in color. They prefer full sun and neutral, well-drained soil. 

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