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Popular Perennials for 2022

Popular Perennials for 2022

What plants are in store for 2022? Check out these beautiful species!

New plant species are ever-blooming as each year passes. Cultivators never stop experimenting on different plant species, plant breeds, etc., to produce unique and notable flowers and foliage. Popular perennials for 2022 include a variety of native and exotic species cultivated to have looks never seen before. Below, you can see what popular perennials for 2022 might look great in your garden!

Amsonia “String Theory”

Amsonia “String Theory” is a compact derivative to Amsonia hubrichtii, the common name being Blue Star. This species of Amsonia bears healthy, green stems and leaves in the summer topped by light blue flower clusters starting in late spring. In the fall, the wispy foliage of Amsonia “String Theory” turns a brilliant golden hue that makes an excellent fall statement in the garden. This plant is easy to care for as a native species, is heat and humidity tolerant, and is deer-resistant.

Hibiscus Summerific “Edge of Night”

Proven Winners’ Hibiscus Summerific series includes “Edge of Night,” a hibiscus or rose mallow that features almost black leaves behind rich, pink blooms. Its seed heads, the buds of the hibiscus flowers, are a bright green, adding even more contrast. Hibiscus Summerific “Edge of Night” is an easy-to-grow plant that requires full sun and plenty of room to grow.

Sedum Rock ‘n Grow “Back in Black”

Stonecrop, also known here as Sedum Rock ‘n Grow “Back in Black,” is an upright flowering plant with black-colored leaves with undertones of purple and green. Its late-summer flowers are red and white. This plant is an excellent substitute for shrubs and provides a dramatic dark contrast in the garden. They typically grow to be two feet tall and require full sun.


You will also find a number of hydrangea species on the list of top new perennials for 2022. Hydrangeas are excellent for filling garden corners and borders with large, bushy foliage, and their ample blooms never cease to impress. 2022’s species include Hydrangea paniculata “Little Lime Punch,” Hydrangea arborescens subsp. radiata “Invincibelle Lace,” and Cascading Hydrangea “Fairytale Bride.”

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