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Popular Types of Gardens

Popular Types of Gardens

Gardens come in all forms; check out this list for inspiration!

The American backyard can be whatever you make it. It could be a yard with a deck or patio, it could feature a swimming pool, it could have winding paths, or it could have a combination of these things. Gardens are still ever popular, but there are many kinds out there. Are you looking to revamp your garden? Consider these popular types of gardens to church your imagination. Do you need professional assistance? Michael Bryan Landscapes can be your landscaper in Maryland!

Flower Garden

The flower garden is perhaps the most general type of garden, with lots of room for improvisation. You can find all types of flower gardens featuring different plant varieties. In Maryland, native plant gardens have become increasingly popular for their easy maintenance and environmental friendliness. 

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Herb Garden

The herb garden is also popular, a plot dedicated to the growing of choice herbs such as lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, and whatever comes to mind. If you rub a leaf between two fingers, you can sample the herb’s fragrance. This garden type goes back at least to medieval times when monks grew herbs in cloister gardens.

Botanical Garden

A botanical garden’s purpose is the study and preservation of particular plants. They can vary from arboretums, a collection of trees, to orchidariums, collections of orchids. Alpine, cactus, palm, and bamboo gardens are other types.

Regional Garden

Some popular types of gardens identify with a particular region or country. An English garden might have ample mixtures of flowers, while an Italian garden features well-groomed topiary bushes. Zen gardens have winding paths and gravel and rock sculptural elements.

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Ecological Garden

Bee gardens and butterfly gardens encourage local wildlife to partake of the local pollen and thrive. Native gardens do this marvelously, as native species and native plants work best together. This kind of garden also encourages some relaxing nature watching!

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Water Garden

Do you have a backyard pond or would love to have one? A water garden makes the most of an artificial pond with strategically-placed water plants, fish, and surrounding foliage. The pond itself can have one or more waterfalls and fountains.

Container Garden

A container garden is an assortment of potted plants that can hold your flowers, herbs, succulents, vegetables, etc. It is ideal for gardens without much square footage and can be whatever you want it to be.

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