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Quintessential Spring Flowers in Maryland

Scenic view with bright colors blooming tulips along white wooden fence of private house at small rural city.

Looking for easy-to-grow spring flowers for your Maryland home? Here are a few starter ideas.

Maryland is home to many native flowers that bloom from spring through fall, as well as myriad other species. You can find flowering varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees, but today, we shall focus on just a few of the top quintessential spring flowers in Maryland that you might want to plant in your garden. If you need any landscaping help, Michael Bryan Landscapes can be your local Maryland landscaper!


Daffodils are one of the most popular spring flowers in Maryland for front and back yards. You can see groups of them lining fences, front yard garden beds, around trees, and in wild gardens. They come in different color combinations of yellow, white, orange, and salmon and different varieties. 


Tulips bloom at around the same time or just after daffodils. A Maryland spring would scarcely seem complete without the presence of tulips. Tulips come in even more varieties than daffodils, coming in many colors, color patterns, and petal types. Like daffodils, they are easy to grow; one can plant them in early spring or fall.


Peonies are most renowned in China, but they are native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America. Peonies come up faithfully every spring as a woody shrub, producing large, bulbous blooms with bright colors and many delicate petals. You can also find peony tree varieties. All in all, peonies are hardy and can thrive in Maryland for many years.


Are you looking for a garden bed border or a ground cover? Candytuft is a hardy, delightful subshrub that is excellent for both purposes. It is also an evergreen, so you can have some greenery in your yard year-round. Its flowers are like white buttons with many concentric, pebble-like petals. This plant is slow-growing, deer-resistant, and welcoming to pollinators.


Whether you go with the German-bearded Iris or Maryland’s Dwarf Crested Iris, this plant will add height and interest to your garden beds. Typically purple, their flowers add exquisite, bold elegance to any yard. One can divide their tubers periodically to gain healthier, more abundant plants.

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