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Retaining Wall Lighting: The Advantages

diagonal retaining wall garden

Add lights to your retaining wall, and you have practical, magical outdoor lighting.

Retaining wall lighting is one type of outdoor lighting you can have on your exterior residential property. Of course, you will need to have a retaining wall to make it happen. Whether you have a retaining wall or plan to build one, lighting is one feature to consider adding. Retaining wall lighting has plenty of convenient advantages; check them out here.

Light Up Patios for Gathering

Retaining walls could also double as sitting walls. These walls typically border a patio, a patio with a fire pit, or a small outdoor seating area. Retaining wall lights usually reside below the upper rim, so that light glows from a hidden source. They highlight the perimeter of the seating area and make it much more inviting for evening gatherings.

Light Up Walkways for Safety

Retaining walls also might be present along walkway borders. In this case, retaining wall lights provide safety for passersby, automatically turning on in the evening to light the way. It is a built-in alternative to other types of pathway lights. Once again, it provides a seamless look and a mysterious, almost magical glow to your walkway.

Light Up Gardens for Scenic Views

To make the most of the magical ambiance retaining wall lights provide, you can also use them to illuminate your garden beds at night. If your garden calls for a retaining wall, adding lights can highlight your landscape at night, making it an inviting place to be. Outdoor lights invite people to come outside and explore the scenery. You can also enjoy your landscape from the comfort of your house.

Save Space with Retaining Wall Lighting

Retaining wall lights have multiple potential purposes, as one can see: to illuminate gatherings, provide safety for walkways, and create an ambiance for gardens at night. Why use retaining wall lights as opposed to other types of outdoor lighting? Retaining wall lights are hidden away and work automatically; they save space while giving adequate illumination. If you are ready to install retaining wall lighting or a new retaining wall altogether, call Michael Bryan Landscapes!

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

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