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If you envision a lush landscape that features a colorful array of flowers and vibrant plants, Michael Bryan Landscapes will shape your property to realize its fullest potential. In addition to our floral and design work, we also provide seasonal cleanups and schedule regular garden maintenance to keep up with the care of your landscape throughout the year.

We’ll work with what you have or start completely over with a brand-new layout. Our experts will combine our skills with your concept to create the landscape of your dreams. If you don’t know where to start, our years of experience have given us the confidence to design a layout that will highlight and complement the natural slope and shape of your property.

No job is too small or too vast. Our clients’ homes range from sprawling estates to modest plots. If your dream is to have an impressive garden or quaint gathering place to host your family and friends, contact a Michael Bryan Landscapes professional to get started on the design and installation.

Enhance your curb appeal and quality of life with Michael Bryan Landscapes. Call us today at 443-203-1951.


Add dimension, height, and depth to your landscape with customized hardscape features. Hardscapes are our specialty. We use natural stone, brick, and concrete pavers to enhance the function and flair of your home.

Our services include driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and sitting walls. The concrete work that we’ll add to your property will serve a functional purpose while increasing the value and visual charm of your home’s exterior.

Use a customized walkway to connect two areas of your landscape, creating an attractive path that adds more purpose and visual interest. The convenience of a driveway is unrivaled while sitting walls help enhance your ability to entertain your family and friends at home. Set up your grill, chairs, a bench, and dining table on your gorgeous patio. However you choose to use your hardscape features, Michael Bryan Landscapes professionals will help you achieve the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.  

Michael Bryan Landscapes is prepared to deliver quality hardscape and concrete work to bring out the full potential of your outdoor living space. Call us today at 443-203-1951.


Our host of carpentry services turn wood into the perfect platform on which to build exceptional additions to your home and property.

Fencing adds privacy, safety, security, and elegance while our deck installation and services extend your outdoor living space for year-round entertaining. Lattice works put the finishing touch on your existing or new woodwork.

You can trust Michael Bryan Landscapes carpentry experts to design, build, and install the fencing that will surround your home in delicate beauty or resilient strength. Our decks make the outside of your home just as functional as the inside for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. Plus, we’ll help you show off your personal style as we seal it all in with customized lattice work.

Call Michael Bryan Landscapes today at 443-203-1951 for excellent customer service and the answers to all your lingering questions.   


The thought of having to deal with water damage is daunting for every homeowner. Not only will you have to pay the expenses to repair the property that was damaged, but you’ll also shoulder the burden of returning your home to its pre-damage state. This includes replacing carpet and furniture, painting, mold remediation, and even exterior repairs like lawn reconstruction.

Installing a proper drainage system for your home is an important aspect of protecting your home and investments. Michael Bryan Landscapes draining and waterproofing solutions route water from heavy precipitation like rainfall, snow, and other weather events in a direction that protects your home and landscape from water damage and erosion.

Protect your home and investments the Michael Bryan Landscapes way with proper drainage and waterproofing. Call us today at 443-203-1951.

Outdoor Structures

Let’s create a focal point for your landscape with an outdoor structure. Our services include gazebos, arbors, pergolas, and custom sheds. Amplify your options for enjoying the fullness of your property by installing a fireplace, or even an outdoor kitchen.

For your outdoor structure, we’ll combine our distinct areas of expertise to design, build, and install just the addition that your landscape needs. Our experienced professionals who specialize in concrete work, carpentry, and landscape design will incorporate those necessary elements to build the outdoor structure you’ve been envisioning.      

For your outdoor structure, or even your exterior fireplace or outdoor kitchen, we use tools, materials, and processes that ensure that the finished structures will be durable, reliable, sturdy, and enduring.

We’re more than just flowers and driveways. Michael Bryan Landscapes expands the meaning of home by helping you enjoy the outdoors more. Call our professionals today at 443-203-1951.  

Swimming Pools

To truly make your yard the personal oasis you know it can be, a pool from Michael Bryan Landscapes will add the refreshing element you’ve been looking for.  

Our experienced crew will design and install a stunning pool that will become the focal point in your backyard. Installing a new pool will give new meaning to the term staycation. Our design will consider the natural shape of your landscape, your vision for your new pool, location, shape, and depth.   

Plus, no pool design and installation is complete without the complementary hardware and deck. From the initial excavation to filling in the water, our experienced professionals will manage every aspect of your pool project. We work efficiently with as little as possible disruption to your everyday life.

Let Michael Bryan Landscapes cool down your swimming season with a customized pool installation. Schedule your consultation and site visit by calling 443-203-1951.


Lighting can enhance your outdoor oasis by creating a spectacular nighttime ambiance. We partner with Nightscaping® to install high quality low-voltage outdoor lighting.

The professionals at Nightscaping® specialize in providing handcrafted fixtures, deck lights, pathway lights, downlights, and uplights, as well as durable, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly LED lighting.

When Michael Bryan Landscapes joins forces with Nightscaping® products, the result is professional brilliance. We’ll help light the way to extended enjoyment, radiant atmosphere, and improved safety and security.

Add your experience with Michael Bryan Landscapes to our list of glowing reviews. Contact us today at 443-203-1951.