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Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

Think you may need a tree removal? Michael Bryan Landscapes is at your service.

Trees grow up, and eventually, they grow old. Trees may seem like they can last forever, but unfortunately, there comes a time when they must go down. In a residential yard, it is essential to keep your yard as healthy as possible and hire a tree removal service when necessary. If you notice that one of your trees might need to go, it may be displaying one or more of these tell-tale signs.

Dead Branches

If your suspect tree has large, dead branches, you know that something is seriously wrong with its health. When no leaves sprout on a tree’s main limbs, it may point to a graver problem. Nonetheless, if the dead limbs are smaller, less crucial ones to the tree, it may just need some pruning. A specialist can tell you whether the whole tree or only a few branches need to go. 


Call a tree removal service as soon as possible if you see your tree suddenly leaning, especially if it is leaning more than 15 degrees. The structural integrity of its roots may have been compromised. A tree is more likely to tilt after a strong storm or because of an infection in the tree.

Disease of One or More Parts

Disease can come in many forms. Invasive insects, fungus, and other kinds of disease can pose a threat to your property and your neighbor’s. The last thing you want is a fallen tree over someone’s house, fence, or car. Disease could also potentially spread to other plants in your yard. You may see signs of disease in its roots, bark, or branches. A tree removal specialist can help you determine the condition of the tree and what to do about it.

Hollows and Cracks

The structural integrity of the tree mostly has to do with the health of its trunk and roots. A tree can stand for many years despite damage to it since it is technically “alive” only on the trunk’s outer rings and branches. Even so, major hollows and cracks in a tree trunk can be signs of an unstable structure. If you suspect your tree to be in danger, don’t hesitate to call Michael Bryan Landscapes in Maryland for a tree removal service or any other landscaping needs.

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