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Signs You Need a New Fence

Signs You Need a New Fence

If your fence has any of these qualities, it’s time for a fence replacement.

There comes a time when you need to replace your home’s fence. There could be multiple reasons for replacing your fence, but no matter what you decide, a new fence will provide you security and curb appeal that can raise your property value. If you aren’t totally sure if it’s time to replace the border, check out these signs you need a new fence for sure.

Significant Rot

It is possible and recommended to replace parts of the fence over time. Wooden rails, posts, planks, and pickets can splinter, warp, and rot over time. With the help of a professional or as a DIY project, it is relatively simple to replace individual parts. However, should the damage be so significant that it would cost a large percentage of the fence’s worth to repair it, it could be better to replace the fence altogether.

Significant Leaning

One type of damage that generally signals that you need a new fence is leaning. If a significant portion of the fence is leaning, it might be time to replace the entire fence. Leaning fences usually have an issue with the fence posts’ foundation. While it is possible to fortify small portions of a fence, significant leaning could call for fence replacement.

Changing Border Needs

Most of the time, homeowners install a new fence when their old fence has too much damage. In some cases, the fence could simply fail to provide the level of privacy or security that the homeowner needs. Picket, privacy, and security fences are better for security, while privacy fences in particular naturally fortify solid privacy.

Old Age

Old age can riddle a fence with many issues aside from significant damage. If your fence is upwards of 20 to 40 years old, it is probably time for an upgrade. A wood fence can become discolored, moldy, rotten, and unstable. If you need a new fence, Michael Bryan Landscapes can design and install one for you in Maryland.

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