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How Soil Can Impact Your Maryland Landscape

How Soil Can Impact Your Maryland Landscape

Considering landscaping? The soil you have will be a factor in your project.

Maryland is a fertile state. Its number one commercial industry is agriculture, after all. Perhaps you are considering what can be done with your property. You might imagine flowers, bushes, and trees galore flourishing in a well-designed landscape. What you decide to plant, however, will be determined partly by the soil.

Maryland Soil Regions

The type of soil you have naturally on your property may factor into your landscape design. Maryland is primarily made up of three geological parts: The Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Appalachian Region.

The Coastal Plain covers the Eastern Shore as well as the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay and southern Maryland. The soil in this area is generally sandy, silty, or loamy. Sandy soil has difficulty retaining water, silty soil has the opposite problem, and loamy is a mix of sand, silt, and clay. Loamy is the best soil for gardens. Some trees and plants work better in these types of soil, such as willows, dogwoods, daisies, and Virginia creepers.

In the Piedmont, soil can mostly be clay-like, and will become sticky and dense when wet. This poses drainage and water-retention issues. However, clay soil is rich in nutrients and supports plenty of vegetation including maples, oaks, cypress, vegetables, fruit trees, and ornamental plants.

Lastly, the Appalachian Region is, of course, made up of the mountainous Appalachian mountains, as well as ridges, valleys, and Deep Creek Lake. The soil is moderately fertile, moist, and has plenty of stone in the mix. Apple trees and forests tend to grow well in this area.

Top Soil vs. Garden Soil

One main way to remediate the various problems your soil may have, depending on what you would like to plant, is to create a better soil by mixing other soils in. Top soil is a general, loamy mixture good for most plants. Garden soil, on the other hand, is often made for specific types of plants.

Your local landscaper will be able to answer any questions you have concerning soil, plants, design, maintenance, and more.

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