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Solving Common Irrigation Problems

Solving Common Irrigation Problems
With irrigation problems, there’s always a solution.

Watering the lawn keeps your grass green and healthy throughout the spring and summer. It isn’t always as easy as setting it up and leaving it be, though. Depending on various factors, such as the yard, the plants, or the sprinkler system itself, some problems could arise. Here’s a look at those common irrigation problems and how to solve them too.

No Water

Sometimes, you might find that one or more of your sprinkler heads has no water coming out of it. The source of the stop-up could be anywhere along the line from the water pipes to the sprinkler heads. The valves may be clogged with dirt, or just not opened up all the way. Or, there may be an issue with the backflow device. Worst-case scenario, the water pipe underground is leaking. One can generally detect the spot where there is soggy ground.

Sloped Lawn

Trying to water a sloped lawn could result in dry grass at the top and an unwanted puddle at the bottom. If the soil is compacted, you would want to have it aerated to allow moisture and oxygen to penetrate it again. Mowing the grass higher will also help retain moisture. To give the grass on a slope a deep soak, you may have to experiment with adjusting the sprinkler’s pressure and watering time. 

Oddly-Shaped or Small Yard

If you have a small or oddly-shaped yard, it may be a challenge to water the grass without spraying the patio, fence, or tree trunk. Thankfully, various sprinkler types can help you aim for only the spots you want to water.

Different Plant Species

All plants need water, and sometimes, rain isn’t enough. On the other hand, not all species need the same amount of water, so trying to water the lawn as well as the trees, shrubs, and flowers equally won’t work. To make your job easier, installing drip irrigation in specific spots and adjusting the sprinkler system’s range can resolve this issue.


One of the most common irrigation problems is water run-off. The soil has reached its maximum capacity to retain water, and so the rest goes to waste. If your soil is not compacted, reducing the watering time per session should do the trick. 

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