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Starting Up Your Irrigation System in Spring

Starting Up Your Irrigation System in Spring
One can restart the irrigation system with these steps or with the help of a professional.

The hot and humid weather of Maryland summer is returning, but as the weather warms, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when spring has truly come. The lawn is a significant part of one’s landscape and needs watering as well as mowing. Irrigation systems can provide water through a spray, drip, or other means. If you have a lawn irrigation system, here’s what you can do to get your lawn care back into spring and summer mode.

Check for Frozen Ground

Running water through the irrigation system while there’s still a frost can cause the pipes to crack and other components to break. Grass typically will still be dormant while it is cold, too, so watering will not be necessary yet. The way to check for frozen soil is to stick a shovel about 12 inches down. If it goes in easily, it isn’t frozen. 

Turn on the Control Panel

Next, turn on the control panel and replace batteries if they are older than six months old. This is the time to clean off the panel as well. Be sure to read the instructions that come with that model on paper or online.

Inspect the Sprinkler Heads and Valves

It’s important to check the sprinkler heads and valves each spring before letting the water flow once again. Check the heads for damage and replace if needed. Clean them well so that the water can flow unhindered. Make sure the valves are closed except the one farthest from the water source, so the air in the pipes can escape.

Slowly Open the Main Valve

Lastly, it’s time to let the water back through the system. Slowly open the main valve to allow water and air to seep out. Do not open it suddenly, as this can produce a “water hammer,” which can injure you and the irrigation system. Once the water is streaming and any debris has cleared out, you can close it and begin your watering routine.

Call a Professional

It can be easier to call a lawn care expert to take care of the irrigation system for you. If anything goes wrong, a professional will know what to do. For stellar irrigation and other landscape services, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes!

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