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Steps for Landscape Renovation

Steps for Landscape Renovation

When taking on a large landscaping renovation, one needs to do things in the right order.

Some of us need more work on our landscapes than others. When planning the renovation of our outdoor spaces, it is essential to execute projects in the right order. It will also take some thinking on what your outdoor living goals are. Below are the steps you need to take for your landscape renovation.

Map the Property

To be clear on the space you have available, make a map of your whole property, back and front. Making a map will help you visualize on paper the following considerations for your landscape and help you see what your ideas might look like on paper.

Clear Out

Whatever needs to go before the new comes in, now is the time to do some serious pulling and hauling away. Get the canvas ready to receive a whole new life.


Your hardscaping includes the design elements that are not made of living organisms. It includes retaining walls, fences, patios, fire pits, driveways, walkways, and the like. These serve as the outline for the landscape. 


At this point, you need to consider what features you may want or need in your outdoor space. How important is a patio or deck? How much do you want to include a garden pond, grill station, fire pit, or gazebo? Plan according to the space available.

Soil Preparation

Next, you can prepare the soil so it is healthy and ready for new plantings of grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees. It is important to aerate, seed, and fertilize your soil so that you do not end up with a barren, weedy yard or have drainage issues. 


As landscaping involves plants, this step will take extensive knowledge of different plants. One must consider how much sun they need, how big they can grow, and how they will all be arranged around your house. 

Final Touches

When the main parts of your landscape renovation are in place, you can then add your final, personal touches. Every yard is unique; nothing is stopping you from adding extra elements like hanging baskets or outdoor sculptures to your outdoor space.

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