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Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer Landscaping Tips

Spring and fall aren’t the only seasons to do some great landscaping. Here are a few summer landscaping tips to help you enjoy your backyard to the fullest.

Summer is the season of the great outdoors. For many of us, the greatness of the outdoors is that we can enjoy it in our yards. That’s right, backyard barbecues, cookouts, and pool parties are the name of the game. But to make the most of the summer season, the entertaining space in your yard needs to be in tip-top shape, from the grass to the garden beds and everything in between. Landscaping can be especially difficult during the summer, though, when the sweltering heat and humidity make it hard to keep plants alive and even harder to force yourself outside to work. You can do it! Read on for some great tips to help you.

Water Wisely

Part of keeping your plants and lawn alive during the summer comes down to keeping them hydrated. If you’re watering in the middle of the day, however, you may as well not be watering at all. The heat and the sun beating down on the plants means that most if not all of that water will evaporate from the soil before reaching the roots. Instead, water in the early morning, before the sun is up and blasting. You can also water the plants in the evening, though that might lead to root rot if you do it all the time.

Mow Regularly

Mowing your grass is also a very significant part of keeping it healthy. You should set a mowing schedule and stick to it. Your lawn will be healthier if you mow it regularly. The first time you mow it, you should set your mower to the highest setting, then lower it a little each time till you get the desired grass height. Doing this will keep the grass greener longer.

Fight Pests

Don’t wait if you notice any signs of pests like grubs or sod webworms. Insects like these can quickly damage your grass, leaving dead patches all over your yard. These brown patches of grass are ugly, but the greater harm is the damage these bugs can do to the rest of your landscape if left unchecked.

Choose Hardy Plants

One surefire way to beautify your landscaping is by adding a splash of color with flowering plants. If you choose hardy, drought-resistant varieties, they are more likely to make it through the sweltering summer unscathed. 

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