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Swimming Pool Trends 2019

Swimming Pool Trends 2019

Swimming pool trends in 2019 have some surprising features in store. Check them out here!

The idea of a swimming pool might seem rather mundane to you. You might picture a simple, rectangular or curved pool of clear, bright blue water, coming with all the work needed to maintain it. In 2019, the scene for pools has changed. The swimming pool trends of this year have never before seen innovations that the average homeowner can too enjoy.


Swimming pools now can come in more than just one lighting option. Multiple colors and light settings are available to set the ambiance and wow your guests. Your pool can have a totally different feel just by changing the lighting. Also, you can control these lighting setting not by manual buttons but through an app on your phone.

Sun Shelf

There is a growing trend this year in designing a pool to have a wide, shallow shelf along on the the edge of the pool. Lounge chairs can be put here, and even a table and an umbrella if you like. A sun shelf is a perfect way to relax by the pool, but also enjoy the pool in an altogether new way.

Swim-up Bars and Ledges

Pools are not only made for swimming and pool games but also for socializing for some. More ledges and swim-up bars are coming onto the scene as people wish to enjoy time with their friends and family in the pool in a luxurious way.

Dark Interior Pools

Another notable trend is that of dark interior pools. The interior of the pool is tinged a darker color to give the pool a more lagoon-like look. It is a different aesthetic from the sparkling turquoise waters we are used to seeing in pools, and gives the feeling you are about to dip into a natural body of water.


The features a pool can have are amazing in 2019. Water and fire elements, reflective tiles, and much more are accessible in today’s swimming pool market. Landscaping and hardscaping are two other important features of swimming pool designs that never go out of style. 

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