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Swimming Pool Trends 2021

Swimming Pool Trends 2021
Swimming pools in 2021 are better than ever.

Swimming pool trends tend to morph gradually from year to year, but in recent years, new designs have come about more than ever. The backyard swimming pool is no longer just the rectangular, turquoise waters to jump into on a hot summer day. Today, it can be much more. Swimming pool trends 2021 have much to offer.

Custom-Shaped Pools

Over the past few decades, a residential swimming pool was often a rectangle or kidney shape. Today, one can have an infinite range of shapes. While you can experiment with the geometric style, you can also shape it according to the curves of your own backyard. Michael Bryan Landscapes is an expert at shaping a swimming pool to you and your backyard’s needs.

Dipping Pools

If you have a particularly small backyard, a dipping pool, also called a cocktail pool, could fit the bill. A dipping pool is a small square or rectangular pool that fits into a patio or small yard, perfect for cooling off on a hot day or doubling as a spa.

Integrated Spas

The newest feature of swimming pool trends 2021 is the integrated spa. This brings the spa into the swimming pool itself. The spa is still technically separated from the rest of the pool by an underwater wall, but the whole unit contains both. This design is great for creating a seamless look.

Sun Shelves

If you are a pool lounger or want to create the feel of relaxing on a tropical beach, then a sun shelf is for you. A sun shelf is a platform on one side or corner of the pool that creates a shallow water area. Place your lounge chairs and perhaps a sun umbrella onto the shelf, and enjoy the water without getting submerged.

Rain Curtains

A rain curtain is an add-on feature that creates a solid waterfall at one edge of the swimming pool. This trending addition creates the sound and movement of falling water, a generally well-appreciated accent to an oasis.

Smart Pools

With smart homes, smart appliances, and smart cars, smart pools are here as well. Smart pools can help make controlling your pool lights, landscape lights, and pool jets much easier. If you are ready to embark on a swimming pool installation or upgrade in Maryland, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes!

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