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The Most Efficient Way to Clear Snow

A house, roof and cars are covered with deep white snow in western new york for a weather or blizzard concept.

Try any of these efficient ways to clear your driveway in winter!

Maryland does not get much snow, it’s true. Sometimes, people wish there was more snow so it could be a proper winter, and some wish that it was warm all the time. Whichever way you prefer it to be, snow does fall in this state, and when it does, many are not accustomed to handling it. Aside from driving safely, what about the most efficient way to clear snow? There is actually more than one idea; here are a few strategic and creative ideas to try on for size.

Strategy with a Snow Blower

Two common ways to remove snow are to use a snow blower or a snow shovel. If you use a snow blower, be sure to travel at the most efficient speed for getting snow off the driveway. Be sure to direct snow outward, toward the driveway’s edges. You might want to start in the middle of the driveway and work outward.

Strategy with a Snow Shovel

You can also work outward using a snow shovel, too. You can either shovel snow as it is falling or after a snowstorm, one manageable chunk at a time. There is no need to break your back doing it; only shovel as much as you feel comfortable at a time. If you are shoveling surfaces that risk scratching or catching, use an all-plastic shovel.

A Canvas or Plastic Tarp

One creative method for removing snow is to lay a canvas or plastic tarp across the driveway before a snowfall. Once the storm is over, you can recover the tarp, slide the snow over into the yard, and have a clear driveway ready to go.

Deicing and Creating Traction

Slips and falls from icy driveways are perhaps the most pressing reason to remove snow. Traditional products include rock salt, kitty litter, sand, and wood ashes, but you can also find commercial products created specifically for this purpose.

Neighborhood Fun

Does your neighborhood have a large community of kids? One creative idea is to host a snowman-making competition using the snow from your driveway. Multiple neighbors could offer their driveway snow!

Hire a Snow Removal Service

Are you looking for a no-fuss, no-muss way to clear your driveway? Michael Bryan Landscapes’ snow removal service offers one of the most efficient ways to clear snow off your Maryland driveway!

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