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Tips for Backyard Hardscaping Design

Tips for Backyard Hardscaping Design
No backyard is the same! Make the most of yours with these hardscaping design tips.

Your backyard may be the final frontier in your home improvement vision. An undeveloped backyard is full of potential. Meanwhile, yards that have succumbed to the wild are just waiting for a revival. No matter your backyard situation, you will likely want to enjoy it in one or more ways. The best way to enjoy it is to install hardscaping. Below are several tips to keep in mind for your backyard hardscaping design.

The Big Picture

Your design won’t fare well if it is a hodgepodge mix of ideas you had, installed one after another with no forethought of how it will all fit together. Consider the big picture, and imagine how you might want to enjoy the landscape as a whole through your hardscaping design.


A major component of backyard hardscaping design that a homeowner could miss easily is proper drainage. Rain and snow must flow away from the house without creating puddles along the way. It’s best to work with a professional landscaper to ensure this crucial feature is in place.

Focal Points

Hardscaping is truly an art, and as such, adheres to the principles and elements of art. Every landscape has at least one focal point, a feature that will draw the eye and cause one to stop and behold. It could be a natural element like an ornamental tree, or a hardscaping element like a gazebo or fountain.

Lines and Curves

The shape of the land will inform you how to insert patios, decks, and walkways naturally. Instead of installing one straight or L-shaped path in the middle of your yard, consider the land’s shape and give yourself the freedom to add some custom curves. 

Varied Materials

Texture is also important. You want to work with two hardscape textures to avoid a monotonous hardscape. For example, your patio might be brick, but your retaining wall might be natural stone.

Balanced Elements

Keep your landscape features balanced, not too large for the environment and not too small. Decorative boulders should be properly-sized for the purpose, and any other hardscaping feature should not overpower the yard.

Keep the Greenery

Lastly, keep some grass and plenty of plants in the design. Grass is safer for children to play on, and plants are what make the outdoors the outdoors.

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