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Tips for Watering Plants in Fall

Tips for Watering Plants in Fall

What does watering the garden look like in fall? Here’s your go-to guide.

As the leaves fall and summer perennials begin to go dormant, you might wonder whether or not it is necessary to water your plants in the fall. As fall perennials start to bloom, you will want to keep watering. Plants focus on fortifying their roots during the fall, so having hydrated roots will prepare them for the winter. These tips for watering plants in fall will help you have a bountiful spring garden next year.

Read the Season

There is no one-size-fits-all in watering plants in fall. How much you water them depends on that particular season. If you have a very wet fall, you won’t need to hydrate your roots as much. If you have a dry season, however, you might need to water more than average. You will want to continue watering more or less the same amount per week as you would in the summer.

Wean Plants Off Watering Slowly

Even so, you don’t have to water your plants in the winter, which is why you wean the garden off its irrigation schedule gradually during autumn. Eventually, you can go from 2-3 days a week to one day a week, and then every other week, and then even less. Your trees, shrubs, perennials, and more will be hydrated and well-adjusted to the Maryland winter.

Water Slowly and Deeply

Keeping plants well-hydrated is an art, but there are some simple principles to keep to have great results. One is to water slowly and deeply at the base of the plant rather than onto the leaves. One can water the plant directly at the base with a watering can or use a programmed, automatic drip irrigation system. 

Water According to Species

Different plants need different amounts of water, too, so be sure to water yours according to its species. For example, trees and shrubs need more than bulbs. You can tell if the plants are getting enough to drink by testing the soil depth. The soil should be moist at a certain depth: perennials should live in moist soil 4-8 inches deep, and shrubs and trees should have a moist soil depth of 10-12 inches. 

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