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Tips for Watering Plants in Summer

Tips for Watering Plants in Summer

Plants can stay fresh and healthy in summer with these watering tips.

Summertime has its cooler and hotter temperatures in Maryland, but often you will find it to be humid and hot. Landscape care is much more involved this time of year, and one of the top concerns is how to water your plants, especially those in containers. Below are some tips for watering plants in summer that will give you success.

Check the Weather Forecast

One must be careful to avoid overwatering as well as underwatering. Waterlogged plants of all kinds will start ailing. Sometimes, it is best to let the natural weather patterns take care of the watering for you. If your plants are looking dry, check the weather forecast for rain before you soak your plants’ roots.

Water the Roots, Not the Leaves

It is also best practice to water the plants at the roots rather than from high above, where water will splash onto the leaves. Water on the leaves will have a far less chance of fully reaching the roots as opposed to evaporating. One can install a drip irrigation system so the plants can get the most out of the watering.

Water Early and Late

Even if your plants look like they are wilting and ready to expire, it is best to wait until evening or early morning before you water them. If you water the plants during the heat of the day, the sunlight will heat the water and also the plants’ root systems. Plants like their water at a relatively cool temperature.

Water Deeply as Needed

When you do water the plants, check that the soil is dry down to a few inches first. Less frequent watering will help the roots grow deep and strong, along with watering deeply. You want to make sure the roots get water all the way down.

Check for Brown Edges on Leaves

One lesser-known tip for watering plants in summer is to check for browning edges on the leaves. If your plant has that symptom, it means its roots are too wet, not too dry! Leaving it alone for a time will be enough for it to rejuvenate.

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