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Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

Tips for Landscaping Around Trees

Beautify the bases of your trees with the following planting tips.

A large, mature tree beautifies any front or back yard. Its foliage in spring, summer, and fall glorify the landscape and keep it from feeling bare. Even so, you may find the base of the tree in a state of disarray. As is, it may make your yard look a bit shabby. Landscaping the base of the tree can give your property the lift it needs, but it is important to do it properly. Below are the overall tips for landscaping around trees.

Keep the Ground Level

When planting around a tree, it can be tempting to raise the soil level around it. However, you want to keep the ground level the same as it already is to avoid covering the roots. If you install a retaining wall around the tree, make sure it is one to two feet away from the base.

Don’t Cover the Roots

You want to avoid covering up the tree’s roots that are above ground. Doing so can cause root rot and kill the tree. Therefore, be mindful to avoid putting mulch or soil on over the roots when creating your planting bed. Allow for bare ground about 8-10 inches around the trunk.

Add the Right Plants

If you decide to ornament your tree with plants around the base, see how much sunlight this spot around the tree will provide. Some trees will allow for dappled sunlight while others, like evergreens, may allow for none. Ferns and other shrubs like hostas do well in shady conditions, though your choices may be broader than you might expect. When you plant around the tree, make sure to put down mulch so that some of the water remains near the surface where the plants can take it up. 

Add Stones

If you are not interested in regularly watering and trimming foliage around the tree trunks, you may find layering small rocks around the base to be to your taste. Add a stone or brick barrier around the tree to keep the stones within the space. To prevent weeds from growing through the rocks but keep the tree roots ventilated and hydrated, put down porous landscaping fabric under the rocks.

Showcase with Lighting

Meanwhile, showcase your tree and plants or stones at night with landscape lighting. The right lighting can bring your landscape to life when all is dark. Whatever your landscaping or hardscaping needs may be, Michael Bryan Landscapes has an answer!

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

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