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Tips to Maintain Deck Lighting

Tips to Maintain Deck Lighting

Keep your outdoor and deck lighting shining bright with these tips.

Deck lighting and outdoor lighting both beautify and secure your property. Around the home, outdoor lighting helps to showcase your property even in the dead of night, but it also keeps trespassers from sneaking near your house under the cover of darkness. On a backyard deck, lighting fixtures keep the deck safe for traffic flow and enjoyable for evening use. Of course, deck lighting does need routine care from time to time. Check out these tips to maintain deck lighting into the winter.

Clean the Lights

Cleaning your deck lights allows you to enjoy a brighter space at night. You can wipe the deck light exteriors with a mild soap and water solution. You can also use a glass cleaner to wipe the lens of your deck lights. If you see debris inside the deck lights, unplug the circuit and wipe it when you perform a deep clean.

Keep Foliage Away

If bushes or trees start to cover your outdoor lights, you should trim them back so that the lights can do their job fully. Fall leaves can also smother lights around the house and on the deck; therefore, be careful to keep exterior lights free from dropped leaves during fall and after storms.

Use Light Covers

Outdoor light covers protect outdoor lighting from rain, snow, and debris. You also need an exterior outlet cover if you do not have one. You can find light shields online or at your local hardware store that protect the lights but still allow them to shine.

Check That Wires Are Buried and In Tact

All electrical wires connecting the outdoor lights to the power source should reside underground. Periodically, you may want to check that they remain buried. Otherwise, you could discover your property has a tripping hazard when it’s too late. Make sure that the wires are not loose or frayed.

Adjust for the Seasons

Your deck lights might run on a time clock that you set manually. If so, adjust the timer for the change in daylight hours. As the days grow shorter, you want your lights to turn on sooner, and vice versa.

Replace Burnt Out or Broken Lights

Do you notice a crack in any of your deck lights? Are any of them not turning on? Replace broken or burnt out lights to keep your deck safe and well-lit.

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