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The Top Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas


Are you considering landscaping around your home but are worried about budgeting? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options that can be done on the cheap.

As spring turns into summer and flowers and plants have bloomed forth into a new year of vitality, your ideas for what can be done with your landscape may be budding as well. Yet you don’t have to spend a pretty buck on enhancing your yard’s beauty; rather, you can use these five budget-friendly tips on how to do landscaping on a dime.

Use Native Plants

Using native plants to the geography in which you live can totally change the game regarding long-term maintenance. When a plant naturally grows in a certain climate and region, using these plants in your landscape can make the time, energy, and cost of caring for the garden significantly less than for plants requiring more nutrients, etc. because they do not naturally prefer your garden’s conditions.

Use Ground Cover for Grass

Grass can be a costlier ground cover than we realize, especially when professionally installed. Instead of manual labor and money, the plants themselves can do the work of spreading across the ground and staying low for you. Ground covers can do just that, and add another visual element to a garden not often found in suburban yards.

Turn Trash into Treasure

A sculptural element can make all the difference, and can add greater interest to a certain space of the garden, such as in a nook or along a walkway. Take an old tool or other decorative item and strategically place it among your plants or trees. An old item is made new again.

Make Your Own Compost

Instead of buying compost from the store, you can easily create your own compost to take care of the plants’ future health. Mix one part potting soil and another part your organic leftover scraps, and allow nature to do the rest. Nature itself makes landscaping easier!

Plant Perennials

At the garden center you have the choice between perennials and annuals. While one can splurge a little on some annuals every spring, it’s best to purchase perennials for a cost-effective planting. The variety of perennial flowers is endless, with hundreds of species from which to decorate your paradise.

Let Michael Bryan Landscapes Design Your Outdoor Living Space

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