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Top September Landscaping Tips

Top September Landscaping Tips
September is here, which means it’s prime time for several landscaping tasks.

September has arrived! After a summer of enjoying summer blooms, fun summer activities, and summer gardening, the time has come once again when fall brings its cooler weather. In Maryland, this reversion back to spring-like weather allows one to pursue much-needed landscape and lawn care projects. What are the top September landscaping tips to put on your calendar? Here are the most common.

Plant Annuals

If you want to add some bright colors to your landscape as the summer blooms wane, now is a great time to do it. Plants can thrive and establish their roots best in cooler, temperate climates. Plant annuals such as pansies and mums to harken the fall season in style!

Fertilize the Soil

September is also a good month for improving the soil. If you know nothing about how to improve the soil, check in with an expert like Michael Bryan Landscapes, who can give you an accurate evaluation and prescription for your soil’s health. If you have a compost heap, now is the time to add it and work it into your topsoil.

Clean Up & Preserve

Don’t forget to clean up old plants as they wither and die. It may not happen until at the earliest late September in Maryland, but do not forget to remove the dead foliage to preserve the health of the landscape. Depending on the species in your garden, you can cut the flowers, dry them, and arrange them in bouquets or wreaths. Clean up any rotting plants, fruits, or vegetables in your garden to avoid fostering pests and diseases. 

Tackle Landscaping Projects

In the cool fall season, you have the opportunity to realize your landscaping ideas before the close of the year. Fall is often a busy season for landscaping and other outdoor projects because of the workability of the soil and the agreeable climate. Michael Bryan Landscapes offers landscaping, hardscaping, carpentry, drainage, outdoor lighting, and swimming pool services!

Improve the Lawn

Lawncare matters just as much as landscaping. In September, one can begin to cut back on watering the lawn as the temperature drops. Now is also a great time to dethatch, aerate, and seed the lawn.

Plant Spring Bulbs

The fall is the time to prepare for spring. Although you won’t see them right away, you can plant your spring bulbs for bright, strong blooms next year. The time underground will help to establish them.

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

When you work with Michael Bryan Landscapes, you are bringing your landscaping vision to life with a team of experts who are committed to the quality of their work on your home. Whether you want to design a landscape for your outdoor space, build a deck, or install a stone patio, our team of experts is ready to help you make it happen. Since 2009, we have served Maryland and Northern Virginia with a variety of landscaping, hardscaping, design, and installation services that not only keep your outdoor space looking great but working as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of your family throughout the year. If you are ready to get started with your landscaping project or service today, call us at 443-203-1951 or email us at Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates and weekly landscaping tips!

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