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Tree Rot Repair

Tree Rot Repair
If you notice tree rot, have an arborist evaluate it as soon as possible.

Mature trees are beautiful to behold, standing magnificently over a house or yard and providing ample shade. Trees of a certain age are unfortunately more prone to tree rot than younger ones, and if the disease is not caught soon enough, the whole tree poses a threat to its surroundings. Here is how to identify tree rot in your property, options for how to deal with it, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Types of Tree Rot

There are three types of tree rot: soft, white, and brown. Soft rot is typically from bacterial infection, and may take slower to ruin the tree than other diseases. There is more room to save the tree from structural damage. White rot causes the wood to become spongy and soft, and is a severe form of damage. Meanwhile, Brown rot is the worst kind and typically means that the tree will have to go. It usually results in crumbling wood. 

Other signs to indicate something is seriously wrong with your tree include dead, withered branches, stunted tree growth, fine sawdust near the base, uprooting, leaning, and fungal growth. Trees may succumb to many different conditions, so it is best to call an arborist to look at your large tree.

Options for Tree Rot

If the damage has not progressed far, one may be able to save the tree. Methods generally aim to strengthen and heal the tree. The arborist may be able to treat the tree, but some recommend eliminating the tree entirely. A rotting tree can easily fall and can spread infection to other trees nearby. Always have a professional handle the removal of large trees. Remove as much of the tree as possible to prevent the spread of disease. 

Preventing Tree Rot

One can prevent tree rot by following specific tree care guidelines. A healthy tree has a far lesser chance of developing rot at all. Make sure the tree is properly pruned; eliminate dead branches and suckers, the small offshoots that suck energy from the trunk. Mulch around the base of the tree without covering the root crown, have proper drainage, and kill off insect infestations.

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