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Types of Driveway Materials

Types of Driveway Materials

In both appearance and composition, the material you use for your driveway matters.

When one thinks of maintaining one’s property, especially the landscaping and hardscaping, one does not necessarily first think of the driveway. This much-used but little-thought-of part of your property is just as important as any other hardscaping on the premises. It is mostly when the driveway deteriorates that one notices it. If you believe that it’s high time to find a new driveway, one of your first considerations should be on the types of driveway materials out there. Which might be best for your property?


Concrete is one of the most popular and most money-saving driveway options out there. It is easy to install, and can come as either poured concrete or stamped concrete, in various colors. Concrete is a durable material that can last for a few decades with little maintenance.


Asphalt is another one of the most popular and cost-effective options for driveways. Black in color, and made of sand, rock, and asphalt, asphalt driveways are popular in regions with colder winters. Asphalt is more durable against snow and ice than concrete, and its black color retains the sun’s heat and helps the ice to melt faster. However, an asphalt driveway needs resealing every few years to keep from developing cracks and potholes.


Brick is a classic material used for roads since ancient times. It is great for giving your home a classic or historic feel. However, it is one of the most expensive options and can wear or crack over time. Regardless, if properly installed, a brick driveway can last many decades.


Cobblestone is less common in Maryland and North Virginia, yet it too is one of the most popular choices. Cobblestone is highly durable and a little wear over the years will only add to its Old World charm. Of course, cobblestone comes at a higher price than concrete or asphalt.


Gravel, composed of loose bits of gravel, is best for larger or more rural properties with long driveways. It may have the cheapest cost per square footage, but it is perhaps the most expensive to maintain, needing raking and replacing every few years.  

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