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Types of Irrigation Systems

Types of Irrigation Systems
Different types of irrigation systems allow you to water the garden the most efficiently.

Throughout the spring and summer, it is essential to remember to water the landscape to maintain healthy grass and plants. Without extra watering and care throughout the season, the lawn and garden will naturally wither or deteriorate in some way. There is more than one way to water the landscape, though; one can choose multiple types of irrigation systems to get the most for your garden.

Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is one main mode of landscape watering. It is what most people use to water their lawns large and small. Different sprinkler heads will change the dispersion of the water and how far it reaches. One can attach a timer to it so that it will water the lawn on an automatic schedule. In general, one can expect to water the lawn for about twenty minutes, three days a week. Setting it to run early in the morning or in the evening will avoid boiling the grassroots at midday. 

Rotor systems, another type of sprinkler system, include heads that rotate, sending forth water in a spiral motion. One should use multiple sizes of rotor heads and adjust them to cover the appropriate radius via their radius reduction screw. Rotor systems are best for large gardens and can overcome land with uneven ground.

Drip Irrigation

Meanwhile, drip irrigation is a type of system that is efficient and easy to install and maintain. There are many types of drip irrigation. The simplest kind is a longer or shorter tube with many tiny holes in it. The water flows out of these holes to feed the roots directly. Porous pipe, soaker hose, drip tape, and laser tubing fall into this category. They are simple, but other variations may potentially allow for more control and less-frequent clogging.

Rather than having many small holes along the hose to let out water, different types of emitters allow one to distribute water with greater or lesser force and can be closed or opened manually. They connect with the irrigation hose and stick in the ground. If one of these irrigation systems looks appealing for your yard and garden, Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help! 

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