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Types of Outdoor Fire Features

Types of Outdoor Fire Features
Outdoor fire features can make your backyard warm and bright!

The outdoors gives one the chance to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy nature. It is also a place to entertain, particularly in your backyard. Outdoor living designs aim to bring the indoors out, comfortable enough to enjoy all year. One such feature that everyone can enjoy in either summer or winter is fire, whether that means roasting marshmallows for s’mores or huddling in winter. Even so, there are many types of outdoor fire features from which to choose.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are among the most common types of fire features. They can be portable or installed and can be wood burning or powered through propane, gas, charcoal, and more. One might prefer an installed version as a central gathering point in the yard, while a portable one can sit in the back or front yard.


Outdoor fireplaces take things up a notch and provide a wider space for more fuel. Outdoor fireplaces are ideal if you regularly host a larger number of people. Even with a smaller group, a fireplace can still add the necessary warmth and ambience. These structures can also be either permanent or portable.


Alternatively, a chiminea is a portable fireplace with a unique design originating from Mexico. It has a round enclosure for the fire and a straight column above it, where the smoke escapes. If you are going for a more decorative, portable fire, this option may be for you.

Fire Columns & Bowls

Some fire features are meant to be decorative light sources. Fire columns are fires that sit on decorative columns, which can be stone, brick, wood, metal, etc. They come in all shapes and styles. Fire bowls are like fire pits, except they often have a modern flair.

Fire & Water Features

If you really want to wow your guests, you can invest in a fire & water feature. This is a combination of a fire pit and a water fountain. Different designs can make one useful as a fire pit, while others are more prominently fountains. 

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