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Types of Winter Flowering Plants

Types of Winter Flowering Plants
Give your landscape some color through the winter with these shrubs and plants.

In the deep of winter, one might only expect to see cold, dead winter branches and perhaps a few evergreen shrubs. However, your lawn does not have to look like a barren landscape. With the right planning, you can introduce new plants and shrubs that will produce beautiful blooms in the winter. Below are several types of winter flowering plants that you can enjoy for seasons to come.


Hellebores, also known as Lenten Rose, is a very hardy plant that can easily withstand the coldest Maryland winters. Because of the state’s generally mild winters, hellebores plants will usually bloom earlier in the season. It tolerates shade and is more or less deer-resistant.


Mahonia is similar to forsythia, both being shrubs with clusters of yellow blossoms in the early spring. Mahonia is an evergreen that can have some shade and prefers partially moist soil. It makes a great privacy hedge and can act as a windbreaker year-round.

Pieris Japonica

Pieris Japonica’s other names include Andromeda Japonica, Lily of the Valley Bush, and Fetterbush. This woody evergreen shrub can grow up to between 9-13 feet and provides bell-like bloom clusters in winter, and the colors can be pink or white. This species prefers moist soil in partial shade to full sun.


The snowdrop is famous for its emergence at the start of spring. It is also well-known for its short lifespan. This delicate, low-growing, white flower is planted in clusters and can charm any yard. It is best to plant these bulbs in the fall.

Winter Aconite

Winter aconite is a low-growing plant that comes in clusters, making it a possible contender for your groundcover. It has yellow buttercup-like blooms and radial, green leaves, and flowers in January through February. These plants are best planted in the fall.

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