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Ways to Keep Deer and Rabbits Away

Ways to Keep Deer and Rabbits Away

Do deer and rabbits eat your Maryland garden plants? Here are a few ways to deter them.

If you live in Maryland, you most likely are aware that you live in deer country. If you live in Maryland, you may also be aware that you live where the rabbits roam. Deer and rabbits are two of the worst fiends of a Maryland garden, despite the fact that they can be pleasant and entertaining guests. Many homeowners are at a loss as to how to protect their plants and vegetable gardens from these backyard animals. Below, we’ll look at a few ways to keep the deer and rabbits away.


Fences are your best bet when it comes to keeping animals out of your yard or vegetable garden. A simple, split rail fence with wire netting attached can hold the critters off. For rabbits, a standard 2-foot high fence will do around your vegetables. For deer, a regular, property fence may be your best option. However, be aware that deer can jump over a ten-foot fence. 


Another highly effective way to keep the deer and rabbits at bay is to plant more. Keep them away by surrounding their favorite food with plants they don’t like. There are many species of flowering plants to choose from that can both keep other plants from getting nibbled, as well as add to the overall beauty of your garden

For deer, deterring plants range from trees to shrubs to herbaceous species, some of which are native to Maryland and others not. Examples of native species include paw-paw, sweet bay magnolia, and sassafrass, mountain laurel and red chokeberry, and bleeding heart, Black-eyed Susans, and butterfly weed. 

For rabbits, certain herbs, herbaceous plants, and shrubs can keep them away. Garlic, lavender, mint, and oregano are natural and pungent repellants. Impatiens, verbena, marigolds, echinacea, wax begonias, geraniums, and rhododendrons are just some of the flowering plants that rabbits dislike.

While plants undesirable-to-eat plants is effective, it is not full-proof. In times of need, the deer and rabbits will not hesitate to eat up.

Other Deterrents

Other deterrents to deer and rabbits include repellants, predators, and habitat removal or blockage. Read the labels of repellants if you are going to eat the plant you spray. Your dog or neighborhood fox can help unwittingly, while blocking off or removing common habitats for rabbits can keep them from frequenting your garden.

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