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Ways to Use Your Outdoor Living Space This Winter

Ways to Use Your Outdoor Living Space This Winter
Enjoy your outdoor living space this season with the following furnishings.

Outdoor living space is an extension of the home, and few may realize the potential it offers to home comfort and lifestyle. How can you use a patio or deck during the winter, though? Wouldn’t it be too cold? Quite the opposite. Here is how you can use your outdoor living space this winter, and several things to add before you get to enjoying it.


If you are going to use your outdoor living space at all this winter, you’ll need a source of heat. Fire pits are especially common, and can be either portable or built into the patio or deck. If you intend the fire to be a focal point of your backyard or deck area, a built-in could spike up your property value while adding significant beauty and benefits. Meanwhile, you can also purchase a space heater or two if you’d rather not deal with a fire.


Another addition that few think of for outdoor winter gatherings is the surrounding landscape. However, evergreen shrubs and trees will make a significant difference in the vitality of your winter yard and add natural privacy. In landscaping, it always pays to have at least one evergreen in the yard to keep color year-round.

Warm Furnishings

Once you have your firepit or space heater set up, you’ll want furnishings to go along with it. One can choose from a wide array of comfortable outdoor seating today, but for the winter, you might want to choose cushions in red, orange, or green to add a feeling of warmth to the area. You can also add a covered basket with plenty of durable throws for extra comfort.

Outdoor Lighting

For both safety and practicality, it helps to have outdoor lighting around your patio or deck. One can install lighting into the stairs, into the railing posts, and into the patio or deck surface itself. The simplest method is to hang string lights.


Once you have your warmth, greenery, seating, and lighting, it’s time to enjoy it with some hot beverages and food. Serving s’mores, cider, wassail, and whatever other treats you’d like will make the experience one to remember.

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