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What Does Your Garden Say? (The Language of Flowers)

What Does Your Garden Say? (The Language of Flowers)
Could your yard be hiding a secret message? Check out this garden design idea.

Plants are wonderful things and can easily brighten one’s day. While the inside of one’s home is meant to be a place of safety and comfort, the outside is also a place of relaxation and entertainment. Spending time outdoors is the perfect way to enjoy the spring and summer, but what goes into one’s garden, though, is a different matter. One idea for developing your backyard garden is to take from the language of flowers. Who knows–you may even spot hidden meanings in your current flowerbeds! 

The Language of Flowers: A Brief History

Most popularly known in Victorian England, the language of flowers was a communication system used by the English upper and middle classes to express their sentiments, whether positive or negative. Nations have used plants to communicate for countless ages, including Persia, the Middle East, France, England, and the United States. By the Victorian era, several flower dictionaries were published, and each differed slightly from another. Although this method of expression has fallen out of favor today, one still feels the meaning of flowers through the gifting of bouquets and potted houseplants.

Flower Meanings

As mentioned above, the given meaning of individual species varied among countries and even among dictionaries. As their popularity grew, the language of flowers became more complex in that even the arrangement or delivery method of the flowers could send drastically different messages. Even so, general study can give one the idea of what different species traditionally meant. Meanings could apply to even the various colors of a species. For example, a white rose signaled purity while a red one symbolized passion. Conversely, a yellow rose meant infidelity.

Planting Considerations

If you want to give a good meaning to your garden, consider what plants would grow best in your area and how they might best be arranged in your yard. Look up what plants would work better in sunny or shady spots and have variety. To create and maintain the best garden possible, hire a professional who knows all about plants and landscaping care.  

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