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What Is a Rain Garden?

What Is a Rain Garden?

Could a rain garden give the appeal and health that your lawn needs?

There are many types of gardens, some reaching back centuries. Italian gardens, topiary gardens, and rose gardens are just a small few. One of the greatest garden designs of our day is one that serves the purposes of both environmental health and curb appeal. This design is called the rain garden.

Construction of a Rain Garden

A rain garden, at its most basic level, requires three components in its construction. It begins with a dent in the ground. A rain garden is a place where rainwater is more than welcome. Therefore, a flat depression in the ground is a necessary part. It should be about 5-12 inches deep. 

Next come the plants. This design often includes native species, which, in Maryland, are available in a vast number of species. They do not necessarily have to be water plants to thrive, but they are generally species with deep-growing roots. 

Third, you will need to locate the garden near a water runoff source. Water runoffs include driveways, downspouts, or any low point in your yard that tends to pool. Instead of letting that water drain into the sewer, the garden can conserve it in the soil for the health of the plants.

Benefits of a Rain Garden

As landscapes develop and become more urban, it becomes harder for rain to find a place to seep into the soil. In some cases, this situation can encourage flooding in the area. As stormwater surges down the streets and into the sewers, chemicals like lawn fertilizers and other pollutants, like refuse, stream into the surrounding bodies of water, depleting the water’s oxygen and thus the biodiversity. If the stormwater sinks in close to where it falls, pollutants and floods would not be a problem. Rain gardens are a beautiful way of accomplishing this goal.

Beauty of a Rain Garden

The plants and placing of a rain garden give a property a suitable shape and an ornamental appeal. The plants, when plotted strategically, give a garden diverse colors and textures. They can be perfect for lining the sidewalks or adding a feature to your backyard. It can only function properly, though, if it had an excellent installation. 

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